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More safety for traffic & operations thanks to artificial intelligence

RailEye® Eletronic Rear View

The RailEye® electronic rear view mirror system from EYYES is a highly secure video-based camera monitor system for streetcars and rail vehicles.

CarEye® Safety Angle

CarEye® Safety Angle by EYYES is an AI-based intelligent blind-spot assistant for trucks and buses.

RailEye® Front Collision Warning

Intelligent assistance system for railways for collision detection & warning

CarEye® Safety Assistant 270°

Intelligent 270° assistance system for monitoring left and right as well as to the rear.

CarEye® Rearview Assistant

Intelligent reversing assistance system for safe reversing of commercial vehicles

RailEye® Blind-Spot Assistant

As a next-generation intelligent turn-off assistant, the system reliably detects pedestrians and cyclists in a large monitoring area to the side of the vehicle.

CarEye® Safety Assistant 360°

Intelligent 360° driving assistance for monitoring the areas left, right, in front and in the back.

CarEye® (MOIS)

Intelligent collision assistance system for detecting people & cyclists

RailEye® Digital Rear View

Safe train journey thanks to the digital AI-supported RailEye® rear view. The future of railway safety starts here."

RailEye® Intelligent CCTV

Intelligent interior monitoring of train compartments

RailEye® Intelligent Platform Monitoring

Object detection, distance detection between platform & train and position detection

ControlEye® - Intelligent traffic monitoring

ControlEye® - The intelligent, sustainable traffic management solution.


Intelligent Collision Detection

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Who we are
  • EYYES is an expert in artificial intelligence, camera sensor technology, embedded deep learning and functional safety.

  • We develop software and hardware for AI products with the necessary approvals and certificates for the automotive, railway, transport and manufacturing industries.

  • Thanks to their modular design, EYYES products can be perfectly integrated into your vehicles, applications or inline industrial inspections.