Vision & Mission

We protect tomorrows world with AI.

EYYES develops modular, scalable, intelligent, safety-critical Artificial Intelligence products for applications in mobility and industry. For us, “safety-critical Artificial Intelligence” means the use of Artificial Intelligence in environments where ever increasing, defined levels of safety or quality are essential. We increase safety in mobility and quality in manufacturing applications.

Dr. Wolfgang Domann and Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Traxler

We create Artificial Intelligence
for safety-critical vision, recognition and understanding.

We develop software and hardware products to implement safety-critical Artificial Intelligence applications. We use real-time sensor technology to realise „safe seeing”. Our high-tech solutions classify and “recognize” people, objects and products and are able to differentiate between them.

EYYES Imagefilm

EYYES Imagefilm

  • EYYES has leading-edge expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, functional safety and sensorics.

  • EYYES technology allows unambiguous recognition and understanding of the environment for systems to make decisions and to set processes in motion. We achieve this through our in-house developed deep neural networks based on Deep Learning technologies and our expertise in sensorics, functional safety and Artificial Intelligence. The combination of the above provides unique benefits to our customers.

  • EYYES develops products with in-house developed hardware and software solutions with the necessary approvals and certificates for the automotive, railway, transport and manufacturing industries.


We assume responsibility for society.

Our products and services allow the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence technology in safety-critical environments. We dramatically improve safety on the road and in factories and increase efficiency by allowing autonomous mobility and automized manufacturing solutions. We invest heavily in our human resources to be able to continue to innovate in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and sensor technology. Our products help our customers to operate safer and more efficiently.

Our history

Technical developments

Video systems and displays for the railway industry
Sensor Fusion and Image Processing
Deep Learning & Object Detection / SIL 1 tested video system with registered safety functions / Anomaly detection for surfaces in the metalworking industry
Sensor Fusion for road tunnels, based on LSTM
Latency measurement system for video systems / Electrical heating technology for camera housings / SIL 1 video transmission analogue & digital / Deep Learning product & object counting
Deep Learning Object Tracking & Clustering for Intelligent Rearview Mirrors / Camera Technology with Artificial Intelligence for the Automotive Industry / Anomaly Detection for Painting, Based on AI / Product Launch Raileye 4.0
Generic Neurochip Patent Registration
Change of company name to EYYES GmbH
CarEye Safety Angle Deep Learning based Blind-Spot Assistant


EYYES GmbH Headquarter

Management, Assembling & Research

Im Wirtschaftspark 4,
3494 Gedersdorf

EYYES Deutschland GmbH

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic & Software Development

Dresdner Straße 172,
01705 Freital

EYYES Deutschland GmbH

Embedded Systems Development, Safety Engineering & Service

Horngasse 3,
52064 Aachen