EYYES Software Framework

Linkable & expandable

EYYES Software Framework

With the modular software framework from EYYES, it is possible to implement prototypes for video processing systems in a short time. It includes modules for deep learning in which trained models can be used. Modules can be linked and reused as desired. An already broad spectrum for the most diverse applications is available. This set of modules is constantly being expanded.

  • Perception with 2D-3D estimation for perfect landscape understanding of the environment
  • Image processing pipeline for resizing, rotation, enhancement, capture, morphology and manipulation
  • CNN calculation and segmentation

Key Benefits

Developed for AI and image processing – Extensive modules for image processing in the rail and automotive sectors as well as for industrial surface inspection.

  • More than 120 modules available (image processing,
    video processing, deep learning, perception, …)
  • C++ modular software architecture
  • Multithreading
  • High performance (optimised for processing large amounts of data)
  • Factory-based and configurable
  • Open interface architecture


  • The application pipeline consists of modules, connections and parameters
  • Uniform/consistent interfaces between modules
  • 1:N, N:1 and N:M connections
  • Reusable modules
    Increasing functionality for all projects
    Increasing quality
  • Extensible applications
    Add modules according to your needs
  • Interchangeable modules
    Replace tools with new state of the art technologyFuture-proof
  • Quality management through continuously growing test base


  • C++ with object-oriented design
  • Efficient memory allocations through buffer usage
    No reallocation necessary
  • No data copy for transport between modules
    Track access to reader data before reusing allocated memory
  • Sequential or parallel calculations
    Each part of a pipeline can be moved to a separate thread


  • Windows/Linux
  • Encapsulated operating system functionalities
  • Framework core with low dependencies
  • Usable on most hardware platforms
  • Only general compiler functions are used
    Specific modules have their own dependencies


  • Applications can be designed through a configuration file.
  • No programming necessary
  • No compiling required
  • Easy to use
  • Configurable

EYYES Software Example Pipeline