The world leader in Safe Artificial Intelligence for mobility
and industry.

EYYES develops modular, scalable, intelligent Safe Artificial Intelligence products for applications in mobility and industry. "Safe Artificial Intelligence" for us means the use of artificial intelligence to increase safety in mobility and quality in the manufacturing industry.



We create artificial intelligence for safe sight, recognition
and understanding.

We develop hardware and software products for Safe Artificial Intelligence applications.
With real-time sensor technology we realize the safe "seeing".

Our high-tech solutions classify and "recognize" people, objects and products.

With deep learning technology based on deep neural networks we realizedefinite "understanding" of actions and trigger further processes. With our combination of sensor technology, functional safety and artificial intelligence we achieve a unique benefit for our customers.


Today we are the technology leader for Safe Artificial Intelligence
in Europe with applications in mobility and industry.

We are experts in the fields of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FUNCTIONAL SAFETY and SENSORICS with a special focus on mobility in automotive, rail and transport and the manufacturing industry. Founded in 2013, we are today technology leader with our solutions and products for Safe Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

EYYES develops products with in-house developed hardware and software solutions with the necessary approvals and certificates for the automotive, railway, transport and manufacturing industries. 
Our entire product range is produced in Europe and meets the highest requirements. It also withstands extreme environmental conditions in the industrial sector.

Thanks to their modular design, our products can be perfectly integrated into your vehicles, applications or inline industrial tests.

We are your partner and expert in the following business areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

  • Sensor technology for driver assistance systems and
    autonomous driving, ADAS

  • Intelligent rear-view mirrors

  • Turning Assistants

  • Camera and monitoring systems in public transport

  • Intelligent camera systems for industrial applications

  • Surface inspection for quality control

Our products have been developed according to functional safety processes and standards ‒ EN50128/EN50129, IEC61508, ISO16508 etc. ‒ and meet the corresponding requirements.

EYYES is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
You can download the certificate here


We assume responsibility for society.

Our products and services increase safety on the railroad and road transport, which improves industry efficiency. Our innovations ensure technical development in the area of artificial intelligence and sensor technology.High safety, quality and competitiveness of our products result in customer satisfaction along with an increasing number of employees.

This is how we assume responsibility for society, especially in the areas of automotive industry, safety, industrial efficiency, innovation leadership and regional job creation.

EYYES sets new standards - worldwide.

We set new standards in the area of safety in the railroad as well as the automotive and manufacturing industry - worldwide!

EYYES stands for Artificial Vehicle Intelligence! One of our unique selling points is the courage to pursue tailor-made innovation ‒ the successful implementation of past innovation projects strongly encourages us to pursue this path.

We support you in your challenges by providing tailor-made products and our know-how, throughout the simulation and prototype phase and all the way to serial production. Our worldwide unique research and development team guarantees flexible and perfect solutions.


Founded in 2013, EYYES (former AVI Systems) has been working on functional safety and artificial intelligence since its conception, therefore we refer to our products as “SAFE AI”.
The implementation of products and projects according to relevant standards as well as continuous research and development of core hardware and software products have been the driving force for the dynamic AVISystems team since the beginning. This is also a unique feature of  AVISystems - we look at the overall product, from a semiconductor chip to the visualization software, i.e. control interface
of our solution. 

Known as AVIrail until April 2017, the company name was changed to AVISystems due to expanding markets and product portfolio and in 2020 to EYYES.
At the same time, an advisory board has been set up consisting of experts in the railroad, manufacturing, mechanical engineering and automotive industry. It supports the company as an advisory body, while a network of supporters, experts, partner companies and research institutes accompanies us on our way to the top. 

EYYES ist owned by DI Johannes Traxler GmbH, QINO Engineers AG and KI Argos GmbH.


EYYES is a pioneer in the area of tailor-made hardware and software development of highly secure systems for transport and industry. 
Together we assume responsibility for society – as more safety in the area of railroad, transport and automotive sector means more efficiency in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our german-speaking team and sharing these versatile and challenging responsibilities with us, please send us your detailed application documents electronically. We are looking forward to meeting you in person.

© 2020 by EYYES



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