Whether blind spot or autonomous driving - CAREYE offers the perfect solution for camera sensors based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to its know-how built up over the years in the field of safety-compliant development of video systems, EYYES is able to offer DIRECTIVE ASSISTANT SYSTEMS WITH INTEGRATED AI both for indirect vision and for front as well as side monitoring (corner).


Semi-autonomous driving through to fully autonomous driving is the future technology of the coming years. The use of intelligent supporting systems will fundamentally change the mobility.


The algorithmic experts of the EYYES Group combine concepts such as autonomy, intelligence and innovation with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

CAREYE SMART CAMERA SYSTEM supports unique functions such as "OBJECTNESS", which can be used as accident prevention or TTC for ADAS.
The required interfaces are embedded in the sensor systems or can also
be merged over the real-time interface. 

Functional Safety.

Thanks to EYYES´ PATENTED HIGH SECURITY VIDEO TRANSMISSION PROCEDURE real time with less than 200 ms latency as well as the effective protection against frozen images is guaranteed.


CAREYE offers - based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by EYYES - a product suite for the recognition, classification and evaluation of lanes and pavement edges, objects and persons in the automotive environment.


CAREYE's main field of application is the application of AI with Deep Learning in the environment of highly safe mobile systems.

EYYES Framework.

The AVI Framework is - without open source fragments -the central focus of EYYES´ development.

The core of this framework are the modules called "tools", which have a multitude of input containers and output containers that can be linked together. 


The CPU-intensive parts of the processing are outsourced to a FPGA. This allows, for example, folding operations with various folding cores to be performed directly on the camera-side FPGA.

The focus is always on the real-time capability of the process. This means that the processing time is determined and minimized by parallelization.

KI for more Safety.

Despite the expansion of public infrastructure and local transport, traffic density will continue to rise worldwide over the next five years.  


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a decisive role in ensuring improved accuracy and thus greater safety on the road.

The future highly automated or even driverless driving systems have to take complex decisions. 

These multiplex decisions are solved algorithmically by extracting interesting information from the camera/video image. The information to be extracted is determined by the tasks of the use cases to be solved. 

In addition to general object recognition, which is necessary and helpful for each sub-task, specialized algorithms are used for distance estimation, lane recognition, traffic sign recognition, light signal recognition and dynamic calibration. 

By overlapping the image areas of different cameras,a fusion of the used cameras becomes possible, which represents an increased robustness (security) of the overall system.

Sensors - the eyes of CAREYE.

The IP camera sensor module IPCAM from product suite CAREYE® by EYYES is equipped with the latest state of the art technology, which provides high-quality and secures image data under various environmental conditions. Existing systems can be connected anytime thanks to the compatibilty of the IP protocol. 

The design of the sensor module enables the use in vehicles of individual and public transport with special consideration of temperature ranges and interference resistance.

It guarantees an excellent image quality in daylight, artificial- or mixed light as well as in rapidly changing lighting conditions. Even with backlighting or reflections, the image quality remains stable for processing the images.

In addition, a heating module is available to quickly defrost the viewing glass and heat the entire camera housing.

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