EYYES offers intelligent solutions specially tailored to the needs of the industry.

On the basis of the CAREYE® product suite, we provide more security in transport logistics.
Also with the QUALITYEYE product suite based on the AVI framework, we develop future-oriented applications for more security in quality inspection and support of production processes.


Reversing assistant for forklift trucks and special vehicles

The intelligent assistance system for forklift trucks consists of robust, industry-standard block cameras, the deep learning based processor unit and the signal generator. Optionally, an additional monitor can be used to further assist the driver.

The reversing assistant monitors a defined safety area when the truck is reversing and warns with a high degree of reliability if people are in this danger area.

By actively warning the driver, the safety of forklift operation is significantly increased and the risk of industrial accidents with personal injury is significantly reduced.
Thanks to its modular design, the system can be expanded in future with additional cameras up to complete all-round monitoring.


Industrial manufacturing processes require a high degree of precision and speed. These processes can be supported and secured with a wide variety of methods to meet qualitative, normative and corporate standards.

Based on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and the secure AVI-FRAMEWORK Deep Learning, EYYES offers solutions for monitoring industrial manufacturing processes.

QUALITYEYE®  Hardware-solutions

QUALITYEYE®  Software-solutions


The camera-based sensor technology of the QUALITYEYE® product suite enables a wide range of applications by using the framework.

Camera-based quality control
Inspection of different surfaces
Defect detection
Error Classification
Localized identification of defects
Comparative paint test

Production process monitoring
Detection of deviations using deep learning algorithms
Workpiece identification
Position / Position determination
Geometry recognition
Weld seam detection

Solutions for OEMs
Specific optical AI solutions for machine manufacturers to expand their own product portfolio, such as
Tool monitoring
Inline quality inspection
Optical evaluation for process control

Your benefit

  • Increase of product safety through 100% control

  • Objectification of the quality inspection by replacing the manual by the machine inspection of attributive characteristics

  • Reduction of unjustified complaint costs

  • Optimization of the quality level by recording the quality data and feeding the data to control loops

  • Increased productivity through condition-based process parameter optimization

  • Highest detection rates through optimized deep learning algorithms

  • Maximized performance and real-time testing through in-house hardware AND software development

  • Learning system, therefore future-proof and flexible

Our services for you.

  • Consulting in defining the state analysis, tasks and objectives

  • Evaluation of required modules and project planning

  • Training and testing

  • Implementation and test run

  • Operational transfer 

  • Support and follow-up support


Surface testing

  • Inspects the surface of a painted or coated workpiece to detect defects in the surface, e.g.

  • Varying thickness of the paint

  • Included bubbles

  • inclusions of foreign particles, such as dust deposits

  • Uneven surfaces, e.g. caused by insufficient deburring

  • Deviations in colour and reflectivity

Injection Moulding Technique

  • Checks the dimensions of products, i.e. creep effects or injection errors

  • Analyses the colour of the product (changes in  granulate, paint mist, runs, dulling)

  • Detects Surface Damage, i.e. cratches, dust inclusions, adhesive residue

  • For transparent products defects as for example grey haze are detected through abrasion and dark particles

Weld Seam Detection

  • Sampling rate and detection based on 90 frames per second

  • 0% error rate and > 98 % detection rate

  • Supports reliably employees

  • I/O via PLC controlling downstream industrial plants 

  • Remote maintenance via VPN access

  • Easy installation and commissioning

  • Possibility to trigger the camera via hardware and software 

  • Simple GUI for users 

  • Durable and robust, flexible design 

Position and Defect Testing

  • Checks in longitudinal and transverse direction with an accuracy of 0,1 mm

  • Detects components, fasteners (e.g. nuts), holes or labels 

  • Determines the location of the DUT (Device Under Test) 

  • Detects defects such as chips and other manufacturing residues or broken tools

  • The application imports CAD data and outputs trend lines

Surface scanner for extruded aluminium profiles

The QUALITYEYE® surface scanner from EYYES is capable of detecting defects such as scratches and ridges on almost any profile cross-section.
To do this, a profile section is inserted into the scanner and the inspection process is started. The test result is displayed on the screen. The threshold values for classifying the defects can be individually stored in the software menu.

The advantages of the QUALITYEYE® surface scanner from EYYES are obvious
Easy handling - no painting or pretreatment necessary
Effort reducing - maintenance and care of boundary samples is not necessary
Universal - No long training of employees
Objective - no discussions about iO or niO of a product
Reducing Q-costs - Reduction of unjustified complaint costs
Customer-oriented - Clear customer agreements

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