The view through the rear-view mirror represents an essential safety criterion for the driver of a public transport vehicle. Especially when the vehicles are long and the entire vehicle length is not visible, the so-called blind spots are formed which lie outside the field of view.
Unlike optical mirrors, which offer only a limited field of view and, for example, do not see curvatures when the station is not straight, electronic rear-view mirror systems provide a view of the entire vehicle length on both sides of the vehicle, along its entire length.

RAILEYE by AVISYSTEMS represents a highly secure system for the vehicles of
public transport companies. It consists of several exterior rear-view mirror cameras, monitors in the driver’s cabin and smart video links for controlling and monitoring
the components used.


An electronic system has to be secure, reliable and authentic.
The images seen on the monitors must correspond exactly to the images that the cameras see

The RAILEYE system assumes a substantial part of the driver’s responsibility ‒ checking that the system is working properly. For example, there is no need to watch if indicators are flashing, which is an important sign of the functioning of the system.

According to SIL 1, a highly secure system requires no additional hardware to establish the authenticity of video images.

The display of images on the monitors is virtually instantaneous, the offset is less than 200 milliseconds,
the system architecture prevents the freezing of images.

To reduce the number of monitors, the system supports multiple display on a single monitor, which is also defined in SIL 1.

The  RAILEYE product suite is available as an ANALOGUE SYSTEM (RAILEYE 2.x) with IVL smart video link for connecting analogue cameras and as a
DIGITAL SYSTEM (RAILEYE DIGITAL) with significantly extended range of features and upgrade possibilities.

Detection of risks.

The RAILEYE DIGITAL system supports

  • through the use of IP camera modules, the significantly higher image resolution Full-HD and thus an excellent display of the images on the monitors,

  • additional detection modules, for example for detecting people in the "blind spot" or obstacles or dangers along the vehicle,

  • simple wiring

  • a large number of cameras and monitors


Functional Safety.

Real-time with less than 200 ms latency is possible thanks to the highly secure video transmission methods patented by EYYES
guaranteed as well as effective protection against frozen images.


Based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) from EYYES, RAILEYE offers a product suite for the detection, classification and evaluation of driving signals, objects and people in the railway environment.


The primary area of application of RAILEYE is the application of AI with
Deep learning in the environment of high-quality and secure mobile systems.

Reliable Warning.

If a person or cyclist is detected in the blind spot area, the driver is warned visually

by a signal display and by a marker on the monitor and additional acoustically by a loud buzzer.

Non-relevant objects are recognized as such and included in the detection, so they are known to the system but are not included in warnings.

This makes it possible to reduce false alarms to a minimum.

For reduced applications.

RAILEYE LIGHT is a simplified version of the analogue or digital version which is offered with adapted hardware and software and has no SIL 1 monitoring and safety mechanisms.

System Accessories.

The RAILEYE system is completed by exterior cameras that view the vehicle side or the door areas.

The suitability of these cameras for use on the rail vehicles enables excellent image quality even under rapidly changing and difficult image conditions. The integrated Power Heating de-ices the cameras in less than 150 seconds at -25°C.

The rear-view mirror monitors with different diagonals are characterized by high temperature and vibration resistance and deliver brilliant images thanks to a high contrast ratio and automatic brightness control.


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