As part of the CAREYE product suite, CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE offers a flexible, expandable and absolutly safe TURNING ASSISTANT / BLIND SPOT ASSISTANT as well as additional assistance systems with proven safety functions. 


The BLIND SPOT ASSISTANT or TURNING ASSISTANT is particularly suitable for new vehicles as well as for retrofit of commercial vehicles and buses which have a particularly sensitive area. 

Reliable and efficient.

The basic module of the CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE system consists of the central interface and controller box (TIC Box), a warning display including buzzer and a wing camera with 2 sensor boards. The central interface and controller box (TIC Box) itself can operate up to 8 digital cameras (sensor boards).

This central unit processes all incoming camera signals, detects and classifies objects and provides the necessary interfaces for the vehicle electronics.

Two additional available monitors can be also controlled by this unit.

Due to its compact design, the TIC Box can be easily mounted indoors. The cameras are installed in suitable positions outside the vehicle.

The heated cameras are available as a compact design modell or as a
wing camera with a stable camera arm. 

Thanks to its ergonomic and safe design, this wing camera provides an optimum view of what is happening along the vehicle - even with superstructures wider than the driver's cab - and the blind spot. 

Reliable Warning.

If a person or cyclist is detected in the blind spot area before or during a turn, the driver is warned visually by a signal display and additionally acoustically by a loud buzzer.

Non-relevant objects are recognized as such and included in the detection, so they are known to the system but are not included in warnings. This makes it possible to reduce false alarms to a minimum.

As an option, high-intensity displays can be used to additionally display the camera images including the detected objects and persons in the danger zone. These are recognized immediately by means of a marking in the image (overlay).

Additional Functionalities.

When using the optional additional monitor, the images produced by the cameras are displayed as a "split image" – with two images on one screen.

This view has the advantage that the side area of the vehicle is presented to the driver in an overall environmental display. A cyclist is recognized immediately and his position in relation to the truck is immediately correctly assessed.

If more than two camera arms are used to monitor the vehicle side - for example, to monitor the rear area with a rear view camera - this view is additionally displayed on the monitor of the driver's side in the lower area of the monitor.


The TIC Box represents also the future-proof central control unit for the intelligent exterior mirrors, which can optionally provide a range of additional safety and comfort functions for the drivers. 

Functional Safety.

CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE recognizes people, cyclists and objects on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and warns the driver reliably and in real time.

Future-Proof and
Protection of Investment.

CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE already meets the current requirements of the UN ECE and KBA (Federal Republic of Germany) and represents a safe and internationally successful system due to the system architecture according to SIL 1. 


für einen sicheren Betrieb,
brillante Bilder und Zukunftssicherheit


mit dem intelligenten Rückfahrassistenten
des CarEye Systems


ermöglichen zusätzliche Überwachungsbereiche
und Assistenten


für abgestellte Fahrzeuge, mit akustischer und optischer Warnung des Lenkers


mit optischen und akustischen Elementen sowie
leuchtstarken Monitoren


mit dynamischer Sichtfeldanpassung und intelligenter Fokussierung




Intelligent Modules.


This module represents the system basis and monitors the right area of the vehicle, starting from the vehicle front as required by the UN ECE proposal on the blind spot assistant.

Activation takes place when the turn signal is activated or when cornering is detected and when driving straight ahead with the turn signal activated. 

To meet the safety requirements,
the function of the turn assistant is also available for the left.
With this module, the field of vision of the conventional main mirrors is additionally extended by a digital variant - including the artificial intelligence of the CarEye Safety Angle System.

The Turn Assistant for the front area monitors the area of the front right corner of the vehicle at a distance of

10 m front and 3 m side.

Activation takes place when cornering is detected with the turn signal activated or deactivated or when driving straight ahead with the turn signal activated.


The Reversing Assistant monitors the area up to 5 m from the rear of the vehicle. 

Activation takes place when reverse gear is engaged and a distance between 0,2 m and 2 m to an obstacle.

In addition, if a monitor is available, the image from the rear camera is displayed.


The City Collision Assistant monitors the area up to 20 m in front of
the vehicle and the side area of
up to 2,5 m.

Activation takes place in the speed range from 0 to 50 km/h and from
a time-to-collision of less than 2,6 seconds.


The system detects a critical approach of a following vehicle on an offset lane and warns the driver if the turn signal is not set.

If the turn signal is active, a higher warning level is set and the driver is clearly informed of the dangerous situation.

The system recognizes road traffic signs and reads "the designated" speed limit. This is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
If the detected speed limit is exceeded, a buzzer will sound and
the overlay will start flashing.

Load monitoring can be activated on parked vehicles, e.g. during rest breaks, and monitors the left and right areas of the vehicle up to a distance of 1 m.

This detects persons approaching the vehicle to steal any cargo.

The basic equipment as turning assistant.

The basic equipment for the turning assistant according to the requirements of the UN ECE includes the following components:

  • 1x interface- and controller box (TIC Box)

  • 1x camera arm with 2 sensor boards
    (to be specified when ordering)

  • 1x signal element (buzzer and optical signaling)

  • cable set included

As an option, an additional monitor can be integrated for monitoring the right side of the vehicle, including highlighting of via overlays.

The maximum expansion level.

The maximum expansion level consists of the following additional components and functions:

  • 1x interface- and controller box (TIC Box)

  • 2x camera arms with 2 sensor boards
    (to be specified when ordering)

  • 2x signal elements (buzzer and optical signaling)

  • 2x monitors for an overall view

  • expandable up to 8 cameras

    • front camera (near area) for surveillance of the front area

    • front camera for both the city collision assistant and the speed assistant

    • rear view camera for the best view during reversing operations

  • cable set included

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